3 Bargain Cannabis Stocks to Own as the U.S. Economy Reopens

  • States from Arizona to Florida to New York could look towards approving recreational cannabis as a way to grab more tax revenues while the Federal government may finally move forward with some real regulations.
  • While these deals were supposed to push the MSO into the top tier of cannabis stocks, the company is still on path to top $50 million in quarterly sales during the June quarter.
  • Even better, Harvest Health is positioned in mostly medical marijuana states providing tons of optionality when recreational cannabis gets approved in either Arizona, Florida or Pennsylvania.
  • In total, Harvest Health has over 400 million shares outstanding now for a market cap only in the $240 million range while revenues should top $200 million this year before any future benefits of recreational cannabis in key states like Arizona and Florida.
  • After these deals, Curaleaf will have at least 650 million shares outstanding placing the market cap in the $2.6 billion range here.

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