A local judge upheld Charlie Baker’s order shutting down recreational marijuana shops. But some see a silver lining.

  • Gov. Charlie Baker’s order forcing recreational marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts to close during the coronavirus outbreak was upheld by a local judge Thursday.
  • The order treated medical marijuana dispensaries as health care facilities and allowed them to stay open as an essential business.
  • The decision also made Massachusetts the only state with recreational marijuana dispensaries that forced them to close during the pandemic; the other nine states have either allowed the shops to stay open or convert to delivery only to address social distancing concerns.
  • Salinger suggested the administration could limit sales to scheduled pre-orders, curbside pickup, or even delivery of recreational marijuana.
  • Plaintiffs make a convincing showing that there may be other ways to address these concerns that would allow adult-use marijuana establishments to restart their businesses without harming public health or safety, Salinger wrote.
  • David Torrisi, the president of the Commonwealth Dispensary Association (which was not part of the lawsuit), similarly said they were encouraged by the judge’s acknowledgement that the cannabis industry has several tools at its disposal which would allow adult-use cannabis shops to reopen without harming public health or safety.

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