A Top Cannabis Doctor Answers Your Coronavirus Questions

  • Dr. Junella Chin is an osteopathic physician, founder and chief medical officer of MedLeafRx, an integrative medicine practice in California and New York.
  • With coronavirus (COVID-19) on everyone’s mind, we asked her a bunch of questions about how cannabis and CBD can help boost your immunity and reduce your anxiety.
  • It doesn’t increase your chances of getting the virus, but because you are, again, creating this inflammatory response in the nasal passages and weakening the respiratory system, any person with a weakened respiratory system or a weakened immune system, for that matter increases their chances of getting any virus, not just the coronavirus.
  • So actually, for my patients that have asthma attacks or have a little bit of wheezing during the allergy season, when they use a little bit of pinene essential oils and terpenes, that can actually help open up the airways.
  • If you think of your simple diabetes patient, or someone even with simple low back pain or migraines that come and go, that’s an underlying inflammation of the body.
  • Jon: In this particular case, I think a lot of people would say, My stress is coming from worrying that I might get the coronavirus or worrying that somebody I love might get the coronavirus, or all the anxiety that is surrounding the coronavirus.

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