Agriculture ministry in Poland calls for 1.0% THC in hemp

  • Poland’s Ministry of Agriculture has recommended a full 1.0% THC allowable in industrial hemp in a recently unveiled 2-year government farming plan.
  • The country would join nations in different parts of the world which have set allowable THC levels above the globally prevalent barrier of 0.3%, and the 0.2% THC standard observed by most countries in Europe based on European Union guidance.
  • Uruguay, South Africa , Malawi and Thailand are among hemp-producing countries around the world who have set THC levels for hemp at a full 1.0%; some states in Australia also operate under that limit; in Europe, non-EU member Switzerland has an established 1.0% barrier.
  • While raising the THC limit to a full 1.0% could strengthen Poland’s position in the CBD sector, the government’s plan stresses the country’s potential in fiber specifically for hemp textiles
  • The Ministry noted that current restrictive THC levels inhibit hemp agriculture in Poland in part by discouraging the planting of Polish hemp varieties, many of which have great potential in fiber but also carry traces of THC above 0.2% or 0.3%.

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