Albania, once haven of illicit cannabis, set to legalise crop for medical use

  • TIRANA (Reuters) – Albania plans to legalise the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes, six years after beginning a crackdown on an illegal trade that turned it, by some accounts, into Europe’s largest outdoor grower of cannabis.
  • Prime Minister Edi Rama said the time was ripe for one of Europe’s poorest countries to enter the lucrative market, emulating its neighbours North Macedonia, Greece and Italy – the latter a destination of tonnes of cannabis from Albania in 2015 and 2016.
  • In a massive armed operation in June 2014, police ended the town’s illicit trade.
  • On Saturday, after Rama answered a question on medical cannabis at a news conference with the head of the EU delegation in Tirana, the EU mission found itself obliged to tweet that neither it nor the European Commission had anything to do with the crop.

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