Alberta Raises Excise Tax on Cannabis Vape Products to Nearly 45%

  • The Alberta Cannabis Council is speaking out against the increased tax, which Executive Director John Carle says will drive consumers back to an already thriving illicit market.
  • The Alberta Cannabis Council, an industry association dedicated to ensuring the safe consumption of properly regulated cannabis products in the province, is speaking out against the new tax, which is an additional 20% tax on all vaping products in addition to the 24.3% excise tax that Alberta has already levied on adult-use cannabis sales.
  • The Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Control Board (AGLC), which regulates the province’s cannabis market, has indicated that the increased tax is aimed at discouraging minors from purchasing vape products in the wake of last year’s outbreak of vape-related lung illness, Carle said.
  • In 2019, we saw a dramatic influx of product liability claims associated with exploding vaporizer batteries, vaping lung injuries, CBD and THC testing, labeling, and compliance issues, said
  • In addition, Burb and Harvest One have concurrently agreed to terminate Harvest One’s option to purchase a majority equity interest in Burb as well as outstanding warrants in the capital of Burb held by Harvest One.

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