An inside look at Eaze’s latest pitch deck reveals vastly scaled back ambitions from the once-soaring cannabis startup

  • In the 2017 pitch deck, produced before adult-use legalization went into effect in California, the company predicted massive scale, touted expansion plans into eight new states by the first half of 2019, and said it would handle $1 billion worth of cannabis transactions across multiple states by the end of 2020 with what the company expected to be thriving commercial cannabis markets.
  • Eaze’s 2020 pitch deck reveals a very different company than what it predicted it would be in its earlier years.
  • In the 2020 deck, Eaze says it hopes to sell $190 million worth of cannabis by the end of this year, generating $125 million in revenue
  • Most cannabis companies, at the time, couldn’t take credit cards, since the substance is federally illegal.
  • The Eaze spokesperson said the company is ” engineered to be responsive to what the market looks like today, versus what people hoped the markets would look like,” as evidence by the pitch deck published in full below.

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