Anspec: applying 27 years of industry experience to medical cannabis supply

  • This has facilitated the company’s ability to ethically meet and accommodate the first-world shift to orphan pharmaceuticals, as well as export for named-patient services, special access schemes and emergency stock replenishments.
  • It’s experience in the European and Pacific markets has resulted in the development of close relationships with customers and allows the business to support large manufacturers and sponsors in accessing these markets safely, managing risks around product diversion and recall as required.
  • The business is a major supplier to the Pacific Region and has maintained long and close relationships with Government and Private Health Care Centres and Retail Pharmacy clients, leveraging and optimising these connections with reliable suppliers and quality products.
  • The Middle East has become increasingly important as a trading partner over time and Anspec are working closely across numerous parts of Asia to meet growing demand for Australian products and the need for reliable business partners in the Australasia region.
  • As a business, Anspec works with its suppliers and clients to provide a broad range of products and services and to assist in navigating the complexity of different international jurisdictions and within shifting legal frameworks.

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