Are Essential Oils the Royal Road to the Unconscious?

  • When you work with aromas, if you have a friend and you say, ” Oh smell this perfume,” you can’t say to your client or your friend, ” Oh you smell this
  • Just to put things in perspective, we have 900 genes in our genome that code for olfactory receptors and we have olfactory receptors in every organ in our body and To oversimplify it, if you imagine it, every olfactory receptor like a letter in an imaginary alphabet and you have 900 letters imagine the poetry you could right if you had 900 letters in the alphabet.
  • So people who struggle with substance abuse actually have this beginning of wisdom that they realize there’s a force inside them, inside of all of us, that is much more powerful than the ego.
  • In a supervised setting, with a good therapist, if you smell this aroma things will bubble up from your unconscious and, you know, the unconscious and that oil have a certain wisdom that won’t overwhelm you and won’t give you more than you can handle.
  • One thing I want to mention in terms of what these oils do is the network in the brain called the Default Mode Network that is getting more and more attention .
  • So there are different ways to go deeper: the online classes, the live classes, and consultations with us.

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