As Cities Declare Cannabis An ‘Essential Business,’ Here’s How Businesses Are Rallying To Help Customers

  • While the state has not classified cannabis as essential, yet, cities have taken it into their own hands to clarify that yes, dispensaries are essential and can remain open at this time while following safety measures.
  • The Apothecarium , a dispensary chain with three locations throughout the Bay Area, has seen an uptick in sales as well as online orders and continues to service customers while taking extra precautions.
  • We feel a strong sense of purpose to keep our guests and team members safe while maintaining access to cannabis for the people who depend on us, says Cali Manzello, Apothecarium Castro store manager.
  • Cities have heard the calls from both policymakers and citizens as two leading cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco that are also among the hardest hit by the pandemic have made it clear: dispensaries can remain open.
  • The cannabis industry must continue to operate with strict social distancing and sanitation procedures in place to ensure health and safety for all.

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