Audit of Los Angeles Cannabis Licensing Process Determines City Took ‘Reasonable’ Steps to Ensure Fairness

  • Missourians for a New Approach is up against a May deadline to collect enough signatures for a petition to place an adult-use cannabis legalization initiative on Missouri’s November ballot, but the coronavirus pandemic could very easily spell doom for these efforts, according to Dan Viets, who chairs the campaign’s advisory board.
  • Over the last two weeks there’s been a little bit of stockpiling, certainly before the stay-at-home advisory was put in place and there was concern about the dispensaries both medically and recreationally being shut down but even since the stay-at-home advisory patients are still coming in to access cannabis.
  • I think we’re going to see a shift in how patients, and I think if the recreational dispensaries are allowed to open back up, how consumers are going to interact with cannabis purchasing.
  • I think it may change the way consumers and patients are purchasing cannabis for a long time.
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