Breaking the Cannabis industry ‘Grass Ceiling’ with Hannah Deacon

  • Breaking the Cannabis industry Grass Ceiling’ with Hannah Deacon
  • Despite being described as an industry without a glass ceiling,’ upon closer inspection, it’s debatable whether the cannabis industry is truly breaking the mould.
  • Being relatively new and predicted to have massive growth, the cannabis industry has for many years been described as an even playing field for women and men, with ample opportunity for entrepreneurs of both genders to progress.
  • Whist this may have been true in the early days, (back in 2015, roughly 36 per cent of all C-Suite positions in the cannabis industry were occupied by women[i]), a quick review of the current gender split of executives reveals this is no longer the case.
  • Therefore, it makes commercial sense for women to be involved in every stage of bringing CBD products to market at a decision-making level, right through from initial concept development, to sales and marketing approaches.

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