Budtenders Are Being Put At Risk For COVID-19

  • The move to allow cannabis businesses to operate during COVID-19 highlights how few protections exist for cannabis industry employees, notably dispensary staff.
  • The coronavirus crisis highlights important questions around workplace protection, paid time off, and hazard pay for employees.
  • While roughly 79 percent noted the initiation of an emergency workplace policy that protects potential risk of infection via social distancing, hand sanitizer, and the use of protective gloves, many of those employees still feel exposed as these policies are hard to enforce.
  • Furthermore, in order to remain operational, dispensary staff must interact with not only hundreds of customers but also vendors who make multiple stops throughout their day, interacting with many people and acting as a potential carrier for the virus.
  • DeAngelo has done just that, giving workers on the frontline of Harborside paid time off, sick leave, health benefits, and the option to participate in a free Employee Assistance Program that provides employees with elder care, pet care, childcare, and now care for issues related to COVID-19.

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