Business Dries Up After Initial Rush of Cannabis Panic Buying

  • Cannabis dispensaries are considered essential’ in California but can’t get federal stimulus money
  • Despite the pandemic, local dispensaries report that some clients are still coming in for small orders for instance, multiple trips for one or two pre-rolls’ like these rather than consolidating their orders.
  • They’re still reporting on long lines outside dispensaries, even though those lines are now due to social distancing rather than record sales, says Colin Disheroon, president and CEO of Santa Cruz Naturals.
  • Of course, there’s a certain irony to cannabis dispensaries’ designation during the coronavirus era: They’re still considered illegal by the federal government.
  • Deputy County Administrative Officer Melodye Serino grasps the irony, especially at a time when businesses across the country are seeking money from the federal government money that dispensaries can’t get, which makes their situation all the more precarious.

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