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  • Alex Schutz knew that he was treading on hallowed ground when he named his cannabis business after Williams, a small town in Southern Oregon just over the border from California’s northernmost Siskiyou County.
  • It’s a bold feeling to be claiming the Williams name and putting it first, Schutz says.
  • Williams Canna Co.Schutz first made a name for himself in Oregon as a breeder in the medical marijuana industry through his company
  • Today, Schutz says that Williams makes its own mulch and composts from decaying matter gathered from the land, grinds rocks into soluble phosphorous and potassium to use as fertilizer, and cultivates native plants to be harvested and used around the farm.
  • is currently growing F2s of Supermodel Seeds genetics, clones from the Humboldt Seed Company, inbred F1s, and a whole host of generations of stable, deeply related, true-bred seed stock, Schutz says.

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