California Announces $30 Million Grant Program To Promote Marijuana Industry Social Equity | Marijuana Moment

  • Offering technical support, regulatory compliance assistance, and assistance with securing the capital necessary to begin a business will further the stated intent of the [Adult Use of Marijuana Act] by reducing barriers to licensure and employment in the regulated industry.
  • Text of the measure , which had its ballot title approved on April 10, states that the intent is to to expand availability of and facilitate access to effective, health-based approaches to the substance use disorder crisis facing our state, funded by existing marijuana taxes and health insurance, and to direct people with substance use disorder to treatment and recovery services through changes to laws criminalizing drug use.
  • The proposal’s intent section says that the people find that a significant percentage of people with substance use disorders in our state are not receiving necessary services, and that’s due in part to gaps between the service needs and available system capacities, and gaps in information about substance use disorders and how to get help.
  • This measure would direct some marijuana tax revenue to treatment, training, and public education; decriminalize and require service assessments for certain personal-use drug offenses; facilitate vacating drug-related convictions; and amend related law.
  • This measure would make certain offenses for possession of drugs and use of drug paraphernalia civil infractions if they involve personal-use amounts; refer persons cited for mandatory service assessments; direct some marijuana taxes to treatment and recovery services, law enforcement training, and public education; facilitate vacation of certain drug-related convictions; and exempt certain substance use related personal information from public disclosure.
  • State agencies would determine personal-use amounts and oversee expansion of substance use disorder treatment.

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