California’s Grim Outlook: Coronavirus Pandemic Expediting the State’s Existing Cannabis Market Failures

  • If the federal government is indeed authorized to issue stay-at-home guidance, the consensus among industry stakeholders seems to be that any federal order should leave flexibility for states to continue deeming certain businesses essential, as they see fit.
  • In states that have failed to carve out exceptions for the cannabis industry in their stay-at-home orders, many cities and counties have deemed cannabis businesses essential within their jurisdictions, and Bricken says these designations would also likely stand in the event of a federal order.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of people working in the cannabis industry, and if you shut down their businesses, they’re most likely without jobs, Brian Vicente, partner and founding member of Vicente Sederberg , tells Cannabis Business Times .
  • Closing cannabis retailers could also force consumers back to the illicit market, Gillette adds, which would create a separate set of public health issues.
  • The other ones were more about easing access and ensuring continued safe access in times of social distancing, so that was things like allowing telemedicine for recommendations for medical cannabis and allowing home delivery if states didn’t already do so.
  • Other than that, all of the states with shutdown orders have ordered the businesses to remain open, and a lot of them have taken additional steps, such as allowing delivery, allowing curbside pickup, allowing telemedicine and easing hiring practices, she says.

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