Cannabis Industry Grapples with COVID-19 Outbreak, Maine Issues First Adult-Use Licenses: Week in Review

  • In addition to sharing the Last Prisoner Project’s COVID-19 resource page , Gersten said cannabis businesses can choose to donate a percentage of profits from certain product sales to go toward the relief fund.
  • In states where it is legal to hire people who have been through the justice system for cannabis offenses, Gersten says the Last Prisoner Project works with human resources at cannabis businesses to promote employment opportunities and hire those who have been affected.
  • General Manager Andrew Dorsett says that the propelling force here is communication between businesses along the supply chain.
  • Panic buying and a lack of access to overseas suppliers could force cannabis businesses to rationalize their supply base and centralize purchasing at the corporate level, says Colin Kelley, operating partner for private equity investment firm Merida Capital Partners.
  • This is particularly important when there are multiple locations like cultivation or processing or different dispensaries in the same market or different markets, says Kelley, who also serves as a board member of LeafLine Labs, one of two licensed producers and distributors of medical cannabis in Minnesota.
  • A centralized approach to purchasing may open opportunities to streamline the supply base and take advantage of preferred vendor programs, Kelley says.

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