Cannabis Sellers Slam County Rules Allowing Delivery But Not Pickup as Regressive

  • When California Gov. Gavin Newsom last month gave the emerald light allowing cannabis dispensaries to remain open and sell marijuana during the shelter-in-place order, Assemblyman Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) saw no reason why Santa Clara County wouldn’t follow the state’s lead.
  • While Santa Clara County’s more restrictive stay-at-home mandate doesn’t necessarily make a distinction between recreational and medical, the county’s decision makers say the general rule is that healthcare operations get to stay open dispensaries doling out medical marijuana being one of them.
  • The ruling, which came in a set of frequently asked questions that popped up on the county health department’s website sent shock waves through the South Bay cannabis industry.
  • The advantages of keeping licenses recreational’ retail cannabis providers open to the public, while following social distancing requirements, is that people in San Jose are electronically age-verified and they are obtaining lab-tested product, Sollazzi tells San Jose Inside.
  • A spokesperson for the county health department, who did not give their name, told San Jose Inside in an email last week that businesses could continue to dispense from storefronts to patients with a physician’s recommendation or medical marijuana identification card.
  • Cannabis users who do not have a physician’s recommendation or medical marijuana identification card are still able to purchase cannabis by delivery, using one of the many delivery services on the market, the spokesperson added.

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