Cannabis Stocks: Keep It Simple (Podcast Transcript)

  • MJBiz, for all the cannabis aficionados out there know that they run the biggest trade show of the year, obviously lots of plans have been dampened this year, but they run the biggest trade show in the cannabis industry and Mike has been analyzing and investing long and short in equities across many, many sectors for two decades.
  • We’ve talked about the supply and demand issues before on the show, but Mike makes some strong points about the challenges that a lot of the Canadian players are going to face, obviously we’re seeing a lot of those challenges playing out already and what we can expect going forward.
  • This seems like at least last year the stocks seemed like internet circa 1998 to 2000 where everyone can see that there’s this big new thing that will – big long macro thesis – that will over time change an awful lot in the industry and a lot of companies went public on the dream that sort of weren’t really actually executing well.
  • I mean I can actually look up the exact numbers, they are actual sound bites, but it’s a pretty tall order to basically get to profitability, mathematically it’s pretty simple, grow revenue and cut expenses.
  • then if it is a patch work of different state regulations maybe looks more like alcohol and maybe looks more like even pharma where it’s legal, but you have to go to a doctor

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