CanPharma: bridging the gap between plant and patients

  • With a team of medical experts and seasoned pharmaceutical entrepreneurs, CanPharma is set to drive innovation and to set new standards for optimal treatment with medical cannabis.
  • Away from the hype, the internationally positioned team based in Berlin and with a hub in Spain focuses on establishing cannabis as a serious alternative to traditional pharmaceutical solutions across a broad range of indications.
  • We see ourselves as a vertically integrated, data-driven pharmaceutical company for medical cannabis and we have one goal: bridging the gap between plant and patients, says Dr Henrik Sprengel, one of CanPharma’s co-founders and the company’s CEO.
  • CanPharma covers the entire value chain of a pharmaceutical company specialising in cannabis: research and development, production, services for patients and doctors, as well as classical pharmaceutical distribution.
  • Next to their existing brands myCBD and CBDinol, KSK Labs and Canpharma plan to launch new brands and additional product lines in the wellness area, including cosmetics, in the near future.
  • I would like to focus future projects mainly on three aspects: education and training, research, and collaboration.

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