CBD Melbourne: Premier goes from fairway to factional strife

  • Premier Daniel Andrews was lightning quick to take action against cabinet member Adem Somyurek on Monday following explosive revelations of branch stacking and bullying.
  • Less than 12 hours after The Age and 60 Minutes investigation into Victorian Labor aired on Sunday night, Andrews had sacked Somyurek from the ministry and written to Labor’s powerful National Executive calling for him to be turfed from the ALP.
  • According to Royal Melbourne members, a Sunday slot on one of the club’s two championship courses is one of the city’s more coveted invitations.
  • In December, Royal Melbourne hosted the President’s Cup, attracting greats including Adam Scott , Tiger Woods and Ernie Els .
  • It’s been a month since colourful Victorian barrister Denis Connell had his access pass to his Owen Dixon Chambers disabled, following complaints from neighbours.

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