Cease Arrests and Incarcerations: NORML Joins Law Enforcement…

  • Today, NORML joined the Marijuana Policy Project, Last Prisoner Project, Law Enforcement Action Partnership, Clergy for a New Drug Policy, Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, National Cannabis Industry Association, and Students for Sensible Drug Policy on a letter to urge law enforcement officials and prosecutors to curtail arrests for cannabis and to release or grant clemency to those incarcerated for cannabis offenses.
  • Several localities including Baltimore; Suffolk County, Massachusetts; Cuyahoga County, Ohio; New Jersey; Los Angeles; and New York City and the Federal Bureau of Prisons have already begun to release inmates incarcerated for non-violent, drug-related offenses.
  • It is in the best interest of law enforcement and the greater population to cease marijuana arrests and reduce arrests for non-violent crimes.
  • In addition to curtailing arrests, we are urging you to release cannabis offenders, along with dramatically reducing the number of incarcerated non-violent prisoners, whether sentenced or un-sentenced.
  • In closing, we are imploring you to dramatically curtail arrests and incarceration for non-violent crimes, including ceasing arrests for cannabis offenses and releasing or granting clemency to those incarcerated for cannabis offenses.

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