Colorado Governor Jokes He’ll Use Hypnosis To Convince Ohio Governor To Legalize Marijuana | Marijuana Moment

  • During a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session that started on Saturday night, Polis took a series of drug policy-related questions, including one from a person who asked if he could convince my governor here in Ohio to allow recreational marijuana.
  • Last year, for example, he made the case that allowing home delivery of cannabis products is one way his state is working to reduce impaired driving .
  • As of Sunday, many New York City employers are no longer able to require pre-employment drug testing for marijuana as a part of the hiring process though there are a series of exemptions to the policy, including some that are still being finalized.
  • The American Automobile Association (AAA) said the proposed rule would cover roadside technicians it employs, and they said approving the regulations would ensure public safety.
  • AAA strongly believes maintaining pre-employment drug testing for emergency roadside technicians will ensure the safety of the public, our members and our roadside assistance employees, the organization’s New York chapter said.
  • A top New York lawmaker said that last month that she’s still hoping to get cannabis legalization passed this year despite challenges presented by the coronavirus outbreak.

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