Colorado Just Issued The First Marijuana Delivery License In The State | Marijuana Moment

  • The Dandelion, which is owned and operated by the retail chain Native Roots, obtained Colorado’s first state-issued delivery license last week, the company announced on Thursday in a press release.
  • Under a law passed last year, deliveries of medical cannabis have been allowed under Colorado law since January 2.
  • Patient advocacy group Americans for Safe Access this week called on medical marijuana states to keep dispensaries open , urging officials to declare them essential services and adopt practices, such as curbside pickup or delivery, to limit transmission of the virus.
  • A new analysis suggests that states that legalize marijuana actually see a boost in housing prices, with the effect most pronounced once nearby retail outlets open for business.
  • If the primary mechanism in our cross-state models is the economic development effect, the study says, then it is possible that the impact is only felt once the first dispensaries open and a large volume of marijuana sales take place, thereby generating tax revenue.
  • Under guidance issued by the Obama administration in 2014 that remains in effect, banks and credit unions are required to submit suspicious activity reports, or SARs, if they elect to provide financial services to marijuana businesses.

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