‘Cooked with Cannabis’: Netflix attempts to take marijuana-infused food to ‘higher’ ground

  • In 2018, when Netflix launched Cooking on High’, it sure was an unusual content idea for all food show fans, aspiring chefs and of course, cannabis enthusiasts.
  • With more chefs and food experts incorporating distillation and various strains of marijuana in food, it was time for the world to see what possibilities this potent herb holds for the culinary world.
  • As the show host and a cannabis chef, Leather Storrs said in an interview about the show, Cooked with Cannabis is a show where weed is a seasoning rather than the reason.
  • Chef Leather Storrs and singer/cookbook author Kelis Rogers host Cooked with Cannabis.
  • Being an expert cannabis chef, Storrs is befitting as the show’s host and a primary judge.

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