COVID-19: How cannabis companies are helping in the crisis

  • Others around the industry are doing their part, including: Bay Area retailer/grower SPARC also began producing hand sanitizer in-house and donated ten gallons of it to San Francisco and Sonoma hospitals.
  • Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, CA, has 1,000 extra gowns this week thanks to Glass House Farms , a large-scale cultivator in Carpinteria.
  • On March 30, Jahlibyrd, based in Nevada County, CA, near Lake Tahoe, received a huge order of masks destined for the entire front line cops, nurses, and cannabis workers included.
  • We’re in touch with three different firehouses, the sheriffs department and two to three different medical clinics, as well the CEO of Dignity Health.
  • Nevada County, CA cannabis brand Jahlybird distributes masks to local cops, nurses, and cannabis couriers this April.

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