Cresco Labs Completes Expansion of Illinois’ Largest Cannabis Cultivation Facility in Lincoln

  • Cresco Labs has set out to build a portfolio of brands that meet a wide range consumer needs, Rothschild said, from medical to adult-use, from high price points to low price points and from existing consumers to those using cannabis for the first time.
  • After several years of success with its wide range of products, Willie Nelson’s cannabis brand, Willie’s Reserve , has taken on its first medical cannabis market with an expansion into Maryland.
  • Culta provides the consistency that Willie’s Reserve needed in a partner in order to launch these brands in Maryland, Hogan adds, and the dispensary does a good job of helping patients to find the products that are right for them.
  • OG DNA Genetics (DNA or the Company), a globally recognized leading cannabis brand, today announced their first official U.S. launch of premium DNA Genetics branded cannabis products with partner, Copperstate Farms LLC (Copperstate) a vertically integrated cannabis company in Arizona.
  • Arizona medical cannabis patients will have access to a wide variety of highly sought-after DNA Genetics cannabis strains, including Holy Grail, Skywalker Kush, Recon Kush, and Citradol.
  • DNA and Copperstate’s agreement provides Copperstate with the exclusive license to cultivate, manufacture, sell and distribute DNA Genetics branded premium cannabis flower and products in the Arizona market.

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