Crowdfunding Is Revolutionizing The Cannabis Industry. Here’s Why.

  • In the U.S. and most of Europe, the demand for cannabis products especially of medical cannabis is still way higher than the supply and the Covid-19 crisis has upped it even more.
  • To a large extent, these private growers have been left in the dust since legalization hit and as major agri-businesses swept in and took over the market, building huge monopolies in the sector.
  • The kind of competition that crowdsourcing envisions is very beneficial for the cannabis industry; an industry that still has a massive margin for growth.
  • The potential for breaking these huge monopolies is exceedingly desirable in the industry at a time like this, to enable it to grow to potential.
  • The international appeal of the crowdsourcing platforms like Juicy Fields among others is one that is quickly being emulated by other platforms and one which is likely to strengthen the industry in the long term.

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