Denver Beer Co. and the Clinic Partner to Capture Carbon Dioxide

  • Beginning in early February, Denver Beer Co. and the Clinic , a medical and recreational cannabis company, launched a pilot project meant to capture the carbon dioxide generated during beer’s fermentation process and reuse it to stimulate marijuana plant growth.
  • The Clinic spends an estimated $15,000 per year on more than 110,000 pounds of manufactured carbon dioxide that is trucked in from companies across the United States; its current supplier requires the company to rent its release equipment in addition to charging steep transportation and delivery fees.
  • The Clinic is closely monitoring the growth of its trail plants in comparison to plants grown using carbon dioxide manufactured by the company’s regular supplier for performance indicators like overall health and growth rates.
  • The installation of Earthly Labs’ capture technology now allows the brewery to carbonate its beer using its own carbon dioxide, which eliminates the need for both businesses to purchase the gas from a third-party supplier.
  • In addition to reducing Denver’s greenhouse gas emissions, there’s the potential to produce better tasting beer.

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