Determining Cannabinoids in Marijuana-Infused Edibles

  • Thought Leaders Dr. Carl Wolf Clinical and Forensic Toxicology Laboratories
  • Accurate methods to determine THC and CBD content in edibles is a high priority.
  • On the NIJ side, you’re talking about law enforcement, real, daily life things that are going on and are becoming more prevalent throughout communities.
  • At the height of the opioid epidemic going on here in the United States, we were looking at the best way to analyze opiates in postmortem liver tissue because there were several reported methods out there that people said, ” Oh, we did this, and we got a result.
  • We may not be able to buy it, but we may be able to borrow it from someone else or benefit just by knowing what’s going on and being cutting edge is one way to say it.

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