Dragonfly Wellness, Utah’s First Operational Medical Cannabis Pharmacy, Emphasizes Health and Wellness in State’s Nascent Market: The Starting Line

  • Panh joined Dragonfly Wellness , a vertically integrated medical cannabis operator based in Salt Lake City, Utah, as the company’s chief strategy officer in January 2020.
  • Dragonfly’s mission is to empower patients to take control of how they manage their health, and as the first medical cannabis pharmacy to open its doors in the state, the team hopes to set the standard of what it means to provide medical cannabis to the state’s patients.
  • Photos courtesy of Dragonfly Wellness Dragonfly opened its storefront March 2, and is currently the only medical cannabis pharmacy operating in Salt Lake County, Utah’s most populous region.
  • The program also lacked certified doctors who were able to recommend medical cannabis to patients, Panh adds, estimating that there were less than 20 qualified medical providers (QMPs) in the entire state who could certify patients for the program when it opened.
  • Following Montana’s untethering of medical patients , allowing them to purchase cannabis from more than one dispensary, industry stakeholders say patient access is improving in the state.
  • The quality and price points of cannabis products can vary from dispensary to dispensary, so this new law will allow patients to shop around for the best prices and the best selection of products.

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