Facing 30,000 Per Day Fines, One Person Who Claims He Had No Cannabis at the Time He Was Abated by Humboldt County Reports His Experience – Redheaded Blackbelt

  • In June of 2017 the Humboldt County Planning and Building Department’s cannabis abatement program’s current incarnation began.
  • This enforcement is overseen by the Planning and Building Department using satellite imagery to cite and notice alleged violations remotely.
  • Since these changes were made to County Code, over 1000 properties in Humboldt County have received notices to abate alleged nuisances of all kinds for over two years.
  • In this interview the abated property owner stated that he removed his vegetable greenhouses, applied for an appeal hearing in a timely manner (10 days) and says he has still not received his appeal hearing two years later.
  • During the award acceptance speech, Director Ford said that there were only, two or three false positives that he was aware of, where someone received a notice to abate cannabis who wasn’t cultivating.

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