Five Richly Textured Questions For Tina Gordon: Founder-Moon Made Farms

  • I was a depressed 14-year-old teenager steeped in thick ennui, yearning for comfort and meaning in life when I first smoked weed with my fast’ friend Vanessa at San Francisco’s Muni Park.
  • Our goal is to help improve the quality of life for all living things through cannabis.
  • Both individually and collectively, there’s a vast segment of the population who could benefit from increased access to full-season sun-grown cannabis from the Emerald Triangle.
  • Moon Made Farms is one of many small farms that devotes year-round love and attention to growing plants that help people.
  • This includes increased awareness about regenerative farming and regenerative farming certifications like Sun+Earth and DEM Pure and better access to support these efforts with purchase choices.

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