For Platinum’s George Sadler, Cannabis Businesses Carry Great Responsibility as Essential Businesses During COVID-19 Crisis

  • At a time when public health is in the limelight, the team at North Coast Testing Laboratory LLC, based in Streetsboro, Ohio, is advocating for more stringent microbial testing requirements from states to prevent people from getting sick from harmful yeast and mold on marijuana products.
  • Like many other states, Ohio mandates that medical marijuana products should have no more than 10,000 total yeast and mold colonies a standard set forth by the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia in its 2014 publication, ” Cannabis Inflorescence: Standards of Identity, Analysis, and Quality Control.
  • Additionally, some biocontrols that have been approved for use on cannabis are actually fungi, like mold, and can be included in the total pathogen count even though they are harmless to ingest, says Adam Scavone, general counsel and compliance director for the company.
  • Conversely, an abundance of harmful microbes, like aspergillus, could be growing on the sample but could still pass if as long as they remain beneath the limit the state sets.
  • Scavone explains that some states, like California, currently require labs to test medical cannabis samples for a variety of specific, harmful microbes, such as E. coli, salmonella and aspergillus using a testing method called qPRC, which is essentially genetic testing.

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