Force majeure and cannabis: Must the show go on? – Marijuana Venture

  • The International Cannabis Business Conference, a B2B event that was scheduled in association with Spannabis, has been moved to Berlin and postponed (for now), until July.
  • Similarly, the International Cannabis Bar Association , which is scheduled to produce in-person, continuing legal education courses at both conferences, is preparing its prospective audiences to migrate its content online, if needed.
  • All of these producers (and other impacted businesses) have undoubtedly been fielding refund and cancelation requests, the resolution of which may require invoking force majeure, a legal description for extreme or cataclysmic events that arise and prevent a contracting party from performance.
  • They should be drafted to capture, among other things, what constitutes a force majeure event and which party must bear the consequences of non-performance.

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