GIE Media’s Cannabis Group Announces New Hires, Promotion

  • Two new editors and the promotion of one of the brands’ digital editors support the rapid growth of Cannabis Business Times, Cannabis Dispensary, Cannabis Conference and Hemp Grower, the Cannabis Group’s newest publication.
  • OH Due to the continued expansion of its Cannabis Group, GIE Media is pleased to announce the addition of two new editors and the promotion of one of the brands’ digital editors to support the rapid growth of
  • You have a lot of companies with great licenses in various markets, good team members and good footing, but for one reason or another I don’t know that they survive in their current form without new leadership, new capital being injected or without a new vision or strategy for them going forward.
  • We’re truly only in the second or third inning of a nine-inning baseball game, and my goal is to stay in the industry, look for opportunities within the industry and try to bring value to whatever company or organization or opportunity comes my way.
  • The United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs was expected to vote this week on the World Health Organization’s recommendation to reschedule cannabis under global drug treaties, a long-awaited move that would shift how international markets engage one another in cannabis trade.
  • John Scott, pesticides program manager and section chief at the Colorado Department of Agriculture, provides insight into the criteria regulators use to review products.

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