Green Beret Adam Smith reveals how CBD helped him through suicidal thoughts and PTSD – Brinkwire

  • That was when he realized he could no longer use drinking to try and combat the crippling PTSD and impact of head injuries he suffered in battle zones.
  • The VA said in 2017 that 68,000 veterans are hooked on opioids, many of them taking 32 pills a day for 57 different symptoms.
  • Smith told I used prescribed opioids for post-surgery pain a couple of different times.
  • That is when Smith had the idea of developing products for veterans struggling with prescribed opioids and other side effects from their military careers.
  • When we talk about PTSD and traumatic brain injuries, there are so many other options for those suffering than opioids for pain, antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds, blood pressure meds, and more.

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