Hemp, Land, Water And Cannabis (Podcast Transcript) (NASDAQ:CDZI)

  • Graham is the CEO at Glass House Farms; and Scott is the President and CEO at Cadiz (NASDAQ: CDZI ), which is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ, that is the largest agricultural operation in San Bernardino, California, which is the largest county in the U.S., and it has been sustainably farming mostly citrus and lemons there since the 80s.
  • So Cadiz and Glass House recently announced a joint venture where Glass House, which is one of the largest privately held cannabis and hemp companies in the world, to partner up with Cadiz to organically cultivate hemp.
  • So, it’s not just this podcast, we’re trying to help investors, we’re trying to get you to grow your wealth, find ways to grow your wealth for new investors out there, for people looking to get into the space given what’s going on out there.
  • Well, I think that your earlier question was a great one, and in terms of where we sit, in terms of our cash position and our balance sheet, we look really strong on our balance sheet.
  • You’ve got a hemp lane with everything about THC and the cannabis marijuana lane with THC, if you believe in those markets, which I think most people do, then your question comes down to betting which jockey, which horse do you bet on and sitting from where I sit, the partnership between Cadiz and Glass House Group looks to be the safest bet with the most reliable producing assets out there.

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