Here’s What Celebrities And Organizations Are Saying About Marijuana On 4/20 | Marijuana Moment

  • While social distancing orders have meant the cancellation of scheduled cannabis events, people are still participating in virtual sessions and tweeting up a storm to mark the occasion.
  • That’s why we’re calling on Congress to support the [Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement] Act, which would make cannabis legal and (it’s an important and!) expunge prior cannabis convictions, the post states.
  • Cannabis is legal in 33 states, but hundreds of thousands of people are still arrested for possession every year
  • Here are the days of people running for federal office while posting pictures of themselves smoking joints and growing marijuana plants.
  • Anthony Clark, an Illinois candidate who ran an unsuccessful primary challenge against a Democratic congressional incumbent this year, made waves after he smoked marijuana in a campaign ad while discussing his personal experience with cannabis and the need for federal reform.
  • A host of organizations have announced that they’ll host virtual events where individuals can listen to live musical performances and hear about reform plans from lawmakers while consuming cannabis from the safety of their own homes.

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