How data analysis can help modernize cannabis terminology – Marijuana Venture

  • However, as the cannabis industry has developed , these three classifications are no longer accurate descriptions of cannabis strains.
  • He believes that classifying cannabis strains as sativas, indicas or hybrids for commercial use is nonsense.
  • By using data collection and analysis, it’s possible to prove that cannabis is not as simple as the industry once thought, but since cannabis entrepreneurs and users alike are fond of the sativa, indica and hybrid classification, moving away from this model might take a bit of time and effort, especially on the entrepreneur’s part.
  • The algorithm generated six distinct groups, as opposed to the three traditional groupings of sativa, indica and hybrid.
  • To educate consumers and the industry at large, cannabis entrepreneurs need to use data analysis and deep learning to classify cannabis strains and figure out which ones are most likely to have specific effects.

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