How Nevada’s Tribal Cannabis Businesses Are Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • It really blindsided everybody, says David Farris, Planet 13’s VP of sales and marketing, referring to how quickly the pandemic changed how businesses operate.
  • With delivery already established, a team trained to handle questions from consumers and real-time product information available on the website, Planet 13 was in a good position to handle the sudden changes and adjust amid COVID-19, Farris says.
  • There were a lot of changes we had to make in a small amount of time, and when we made those changes, there was a huge demand for delivery that no [dispensary] was ready for, Farris says.
  • Many of the questions that came through initially were about how delivery and online ordering worked, but employees are also trained to field cannabis-specific questions, and detailed product information is available on the site in real time, Farris says.
  • We completely flipped the store around, Quirk says, moving the POS system closer to the entrance
  • In addition to quickly assembling a platform for online sales, the Harvest Connect team also developed a unique system to act as a drive-thru for customers who don’t want to enter the store.

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