How One Young Entrepreneur’s Simple Fix May Change Cannabis Grinders Forever

  • I figured I could take a semester off, write a hundred new articles and maybe make a few hundred dollars more per month, he says.
  • The table tennis site steadily continued making money and McCreedy let college fade into the rearview mirror.
  • Then McCreedy thought back to his original simple and small idea for a product, something sturdy and easy to ship.
  • That led him to create the portable ZAM Grinder, a slender, aluminum pocket grinder sporting a compact 1.1 diameter with extra room for storage.
  • Because cannabis is such a huge sector with well-established cannabis grinder brands, what I really wanted initially was to license the design out
  • After each refusal from grinder companies I would go ask active cannabis consumers on Reddit what they thought of the design and the feedback would propel me to keep going.

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