ICBC San Francisco: Alan Brochstein on cannabis investment

  • At the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in San Francisco, MCN had the opportunity to speak with Alan Brochstein, founder of the online community 420 Investor and the New Cannabis Ventures media platform, who told us about cannabis investment and regulation in the USA and what Europe’s industry bodies can learn from the American markets.
  • The skillsets would be there for the American companies that know how to navigate different regulatory environments, but the problem is that cannabis is federally illegal, so right now American companies are essentially locked out.
  • There are three different pathways to get cannabinoids: the natural way, which is what GW is doing; synthetic, which a lot of people really object to and there is mixed evidence about efficacy and safety; and then there is biosynthetic, where yeast or even algae is used to generate cannabinoids without actually growing the flower.
  • In the UK, if it is federally legal for medicinal cannabis, then those companies would have a really good path to get access to the capital markets.

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