If You Were Stoned in 1941, You Probably Watched ‘Hellzapoppin”

  • , there weren’t any films like the stoner comedies we know of today.
  • to the screen is that the original stage show was essentially unfilmable.
  • In the highly meta opening moments, a projectionist (played by
  • The camera then pulls back to reveal we’re actually on a movie set as Olsen and Johnson are in the middle of fighting with the studio over the direction of
  • Rather than fighting further, they agree to hear the studio out, and the rest of the film is them watching or technically listening to that movie (the one the studio wants to make), which is happening in a movie (the one that Olsen and Johnson were in the middle of filming), within another movie (the one the projectionist is showing at the beginning), in yet a fourth movie (the one that we, the viewer, are actually watching!).

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