In the Face of Restrictions and Limited Channels, Cannabis Marketers Turn to Out-of-Home Advertising–Here’s the Right Way to Do It

  • Pennsylvania’s 2016 medical cannabis law allows medical cannabis operators to seek clinical registrant licenses to partner with one of the state’s medical schools, called academic clinical research centers, to orchestrate patient-facing clinical studies into the benefits of medical cannabis.
  • We can do clinical research with patients that we can work with through their connection with Ethos and the Pennsylvania program, added Dr. Brooke Worster, a physician in Jefferson University’s Sidney Kimmel Medical College.
  • Ethos is one of seven clinical registrants currently licensed by the state to grow, process and dispense medical cannabis in partnership with an academic clinical research center, and the company is funding Jefferson’s research on the dispensary’s patients.
  • Jefferson has seen anecdotal information that suggests if you pair opiates with medical marijuana, you may be able to lower the amount of opiates used by patients and still get the same level of treatment for the condition, Clapper said.
  • Jefferson would like to study patients that are using opiates for specific conditions, pair that with medical marijuana, and see what the results are compared to patients who are using only opiates to treat the condition.

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