Inside the DEA’s New Promise to Expand Cannabis Cultivation for Research

  • April 20 is a major sales day for cannabis business across the U.S. and elsewhere.
  • Typically, according to data gathered by Headset , a cannabis business intelligence firm, April 20 sees sales jump up more than 100% (compared to April 13, the week prior).
  • According to Headset data, it appears that customers spread out their purchases across the entire week leading up to April 20.
  • Headset Data from California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington show that April 20 sales were still around 65% greater than April 13 sales this year.
  • These trends show that this year, in general, the 4/20 sales boost that retailers have grown accustomed to was similar to prior years (due to being spread out across a seven-day window).

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