It Takes The Village | Cannabis Now

  • The Village got his start working in 2010 at a medical marijuana dispensary called South Sacramento Care Center for about a year and a half, back in the looser days of California’s medical marijuana market.
  • At this point, The Village still hadn’t even started breeding, he was just networking and growing like crazy.
  • Budologist planned to find a Purple Punch male that shared as many traits as possible with the prized Purple Punch female phenos and go from there.
  • Before going on to stabilize Purple Punch in the room and provide seeds to the masses, the first breeding projects featured a Cookies and Cream male Budologist selected.
  • The first crosses in the room which, don’t worry, would eventually pump out champions were Cookies and Cream x Forum Cookies and Cookies and Cream x Animal Cookies.
  • He added that this emphasis on old-school cannabis is why Symbiotic Genetics recently pollinated an bunch of different females with a Kombucha male (a cross of Sour Diesel and a Purple Punch F2) featuring the old-school diesel flavor.

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