Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation Sends New Licensing Process Recommendations to City Council

  • A new company called Crappy’s Feel Better Hemp Co. , specializing in cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN) products, boosted their Instagram followers from 90 to around 1,300 in about the course of a week following their part in the Dabvent Calendar campaign, according to a public relations professional representing Higher Celebrations.
  • Higher Celebrations, which launched BirthJays in May 2019, couldn’t afford to pay the 16 influencers participating in its Dabvent Calendar campaign, said Taylor Starr, marketing director for the company.
  • Harless said she has received more followers through the Dabvent Calendar because social media users found her through participating brands and hashtags.
  • The Ohio Board of Pharmacy has established a new process for calculating a patient’s 90-day supply of medical cannabis.
  • The first fill period consists of days 1-45 and the second consists of days 45-90, with the first fill period beginning when the patient receives a medical cannabis recommendation.

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