Massachusetts Plans to Launch Adult-Use Cannabis Delivery License Application This Month

  • Commissioners are considering a precertification process for the delivery applications before granting applicants a provisional license, reported.
  • Statutory Initiative 190 would establish a system to regulate and tax cannabis for adult use, while Constitutional Initiative 118 would authorize Montana to set the legal age for consumption at 21.
  • New Approach must gather 25,468 total signatures for the statutory initiative and 50,936 for the constitutional initiative by June 19 to secure spots on this year’s ballot, but the coronavirus pandemic prevented the campaign from launching its signature gathering efforts as planned.
  • This industry, composed primarily of small to medium-sized businesses, continues to provide safe cannabis medicine to more than 3 million medical cannabis patients in the United States.
  • The Ohio Department of Agriculture received 198 applications for hemp production licenses for the 2020 growing season, the state’s first shot at a legal hemp market.

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